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I don’t know about you. But I love summer! I know it still may feel a fair way off but on the scale of things its only just around the corner. So break out the exfoliator and moisturiser and start preparing that beautiful glow. Take up some fitness classes and tone that bod. And finally take the time to do some meditation or indulge yourself in a reiki treatment. Both things are excellent for realigning the mind, body and soul allowing you to heal on a deep cellular level.

I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of summer essentials for 2014/2015 to get you feeling and looking your best.


Origins Never a dull moment gentle  face exfoliator.

I absolutely love this exfoliant. Being both enzyme and granule, this formula gently cuts through rough winter skin allowing for better absorption of your chosen moisturiser. And it smells amazing.. Yum





Homemade Coffee Coconut body exfoliant.

This is a super easy and very effective exfoliant that you can make straight from the panty.

Simply mix even quantities of virgin coconut oil and freshly ground coffee, mix, dampen skin and buff in circular motions.




Eco Tan

This stuff is the bomb. Great colour and its organic.




Reiki healing

Reiki is pretty cool. I actually kept away from it for a very long time as I misunderstood it. Basically a few smelly hippies had tainted it for me. Anyway here I am now in the future (past and present 😉 ) practicing it on loved ones and clients and also going for treatments with other Reiki practitioners. .

Reiki basically does the follows; It adapts to the needs of the client aiding in mediative states, promotes personal awareness and enhances spiritual connection. Reiki is excellent for reducing stress and helps to overcome anxiety, fear and pain. It strengthens the immune system and aids in deep cellular healing. Finally Reiki Boosts energy. ALL that, just relaxing and receiving! Pretty cool huh?





Makeup Trends

Ok, so now you are buffed and polished, feeling good on the inside too. Here are pretty faces to admire and inspire for makeup.






Still all over the long bob with creamy highlights and braids of course!






Lover White Magick 3 dress

I’m totally obsessed with white lace and embroidery this year.





A summer essential for protecting thy face. Always in need of a good hat. Panama black or white. Winning.





Maniamania Lapis Ring

I can’t ever get enough jewellery. Lapis lazuli is regarded by many people around the world as the stone of friendship and truth. 🙂





Byredo Gypsy water

These guys make lovely scents with iconic names to match.


And so we are done….. for now. x




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