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Client’s often comment on the skin care that I use during a consultation or job. With part of my professional back ground coming from skin care and spa, I have been exposed to a range of cult products that are not the easiest to find.

Basically before starting on my clients makeup I like to take the time to start with a quick prep using a relaxing and nutrient rich cleasner and moisturiser. This gives lacklustre skin that extra buzz that helps makeup look and feel better.

Following are a few of my favourite things that you will see me use (or eat) throughout ones makeover.




Mi essence Rejuvenating Skin Conditioner

I discovered this brand some years ago through my beautician. Their products are simply Magic. The smells, ethics, nutrients and event he feelings that they provoke are just perfect. Whenever I incorporate this into my clients routine or my own, the compliments come thick and fast.





Mi essence Balancing moisturiser

Long lasting visible results wit a smell from the heavens. Suited for Combination to normal skin types. This moisturiser is so amazing.





Dr Spiller- Care and Repair Cream

Dr Spiller products are rich and bursting with restorative ingredients. It is said be be suitable for highly sensitive skin having said that I could not use this cream until I hit 30 as it is quite rich. I tend to use this on the mature skin and damaged skin types. Or even in winter when skin tends to need a little more love. Counteracts scaling and redness with its strengthening properties.





Retexturing Skin Primer

This is my all time favourite primer! Funnily enough until now I never knew which brand made it as I have been purchasing it through my teaching academy as a clear skin brand. Apparently it is that good that a few companies rebrand it to be their own. It glides on like silk, evens out skin tone and whats more it has SPF. Love it.






Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector 

Used as a base, mixed with your foundation or as a highlighter. This product never fails to give the skin a radiant buzz and alluring sheen.



Dark Chocolate Goji Berries

These super foods  are the bomb. Even my kids prefer these now to normal chocolately treats. I buy mine by the kilo from Northcote’s Terra Madre (Fruit Peddler’s).


Coconut Water

Fresh is best but when one lives in Melbourne fresh is not really a realistic answer. Byron on the other hand- well then yes. Coconut water is the thing that is most similar to our body’s natural plasma. It cleanses the blood and is ripe with zinc, selenium, iodine, sulfur, manganese, all which are excellent for the skin.



And for now my friends that is it. Time to get off the computer and get some Vitamin D.







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