Glowing skin

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Client’s often comment on the skin care that I use during a consultation or job. With part of my professional back ground coming from skin care and spa, I have been exposed to a range of cult products that are not the easiest to find. Basically before starting on my clients makeup I like to… Read more »

Love and Light

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No matter how much time I spend in the city surrounded by art, fashion and change my heart yearns to be where the ocean meets the rainforest. Where the stars and moon dance across the night skies. For my love of all things pretty and boho I dedicate this to my favourite type of weddings…… Read more »

Hair Trends 2014

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I love a good messy hair do. And I don’t mean an oily, flat at the back and knotty, lazy hair style. Dishevelled and relaxed is the new modern hair trend for 2013/2014, sitting right beside the sleek and polished styles (I’ll post more on this later). These looks can require some skill and preparation… Read more »

Beautiful Skin

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It’s great to be back in Tropical Melbourne! Well a somewhat cooler and dryer version of tropical anyway. The days are mostly hot and the evening bustling with electrical storms. I love it. Officially we are about 6 weeks off the one of the busiest times of the year for weddings. So I felt it… Read more »

Balinese Gold

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We are finally settling in to our life here in Bali. Some years ago I was married to a high caste Balinese and had my daughter Sanjiwani to him. We have since parted ways but my connection to Bali, its people, culture and now my family is eternal. My first marriage was in traditional fashion… Read more »

Alex and Ben ♡

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  It’s just 2 weeks until we relocate to Bali. I still have 3 weddings to go and a shoot. I have planned it so that I am even working on wedding the day before we fly out. I have started to reflect on the year of 2012 which has now almost passed. And it… Read more »

Tanya & Damian Lavric ♡

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I had the pleasure of being able to do the makeup for Tanya and Damian’s wedding back in April 2012. Tanya, her bridal party and her mum had put lots of thier own creativeity and time into the wedding, which produced a signiature handmade event. Following are a few select images from the wedding day…. Read more »