Eye Of Horus Shoot

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Eye of Horus Cosmetics

Well well, it has been ages. Woops.   All excuses aside I have been busy though. I am now based in Byron Bay and I can’t thank the unverse enough to be here. What a special special place full of creatives, sunshine, immaculate beaches and a nourishing hinterland. Happy me.   Following lies a few… Read more »

Night Vision Series

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For the past 6 months I have been working with iconic advertising photographer Chris Von on his moody series Night Vision. Chris’s only brief that he gave me was simply; “oily, sheen and silver grime”. This was not be a a fashion and beauty shot but an insight into the subconscious. He was looking to… Read more »

Unconventional Beauty

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I find inspirations in life’s sometimes harsh truths and the unconventional too. I am drawn to the little differences that we each have and the imperfections that the universe dishes out. Today I am obsessing over the alluring albino. For more of my little obsessions tune in to my tumblr….    

baby’s got gap

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Ever since I can remember I’ve had a wee obsession with Gap Teeth. So much so that I attempted sleeping with floss between my front teeth to encourage it… It didn’t work. I also find myself partial to a wonky eye. Anyway here are some babes for you to enjoy.          … Read more »

Pretty Contrast

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I’m really feeling like Winter is here now. The mornings grow darker and night comes much too soon. But its not all dull and grey. Winter is pretty too. The sun brings much relief to a cold Melbourne Day and energises me with some much welcome Vitamin D. Thoughts of Hot Chocolate, warm potbelly fires… Read more »