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Feather Touch Brows, Brow feathering, Microblading, 3D brows…. Call them what you will. I am happy to announce that as of Thursday 29th October 2015 I am offering the very popular semi permanent feather touch brow tattoo at Skin Divinity in Byron Bay.

I will also be offering some makeup services and brow sculpting from Skin Divinity too. I am feeling very honoured ad humbled to be working with such a great team at Skin Divinity. Not only are the girls beautiful in every way but they are on trend with the latest products and services.

Appointments are by appointment only.


Following is a break down of what to expect if you are considering feather touch brows;


What is Feather Touch/Microblading?

The feather touch technique is performed without using a machine. During this unique technique the pigment is applied with a pen like tool that has a fixed small blade with many disposable needles. The needles are three times thinner that those used in machines, while the deprth of the injection does not reach the dermis. The result being very fine and natural looking hair strokes.



How long will it last?

Feather touch brows is a permanent form of makeup. The result is designed to last anywhere between 12months and 24months depending on your skin type and lifestyle. This in-turn makes it perfect for changing mindsets, trends and fashions.


Why is the feather touch technique better than the machine?

Apart from the results being much more natural in appearance, the procedure is supposedly less painful than a machine.



Does it hurt?

In order to make your brow session as pleasant as possible, the appropriate anaesthetics are applied before, during and after your session. Not only will this reduce pain and bruising but it will also ensure the pigment stays in the skin as best as possible. It is important to note that some clients are hypersensitive whilst menstruating so it is recommended to time your session accordingly.


Do I need a consultation?

Whilst a consultation is not crucial it is good for those who have questions and concerns regarding the best shape and colour for them. If your brows are unruly or out of shape then a brow sculpt (shape and wax) is also recommended the week before your brow tattoo.


before brow sculpt


after brow sculpt


Is feather touch brow tattooing for everyone?

Not everyone is the right candidate for feather touch brows. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding then you cannot be worked on. You must also be over 18years of age or have a written consent from your parent or guardian. People with high blood pressure or who are on heart medication or Roaccatine cannot be worked on also.

Me before

Me after one session of Feather touch


Please note that after you brow tattoo session the pigment will appear to be quite strong. After 2-4 weeks the pigment will fade about 30%-50% as it settles into the skin. Occasionally- very rarely, we may come across a client who’s skin rejects the pigment all together. This is simply natures way and comes back to natural selection. It is also important to note that no two sides of the face are the same. It is fact that one side of our faces is flatter than the other. Whilst I strive to achieve symmetry with my work this cannot be guaranteed.


If Feather touch brows sound like something for you then please contact me or Skin Divinity


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